Rabu, 02 November 2011

The Danger of Contextual Theology

In my opinion, contextual theology refers to the manner in which the church in every age tends to adapt its teachings to the culture in which it finds itself--it also known as "enculturation" (am I wrong?). In general, the principle of contextual theology has to be applied carefully if the teachings of Christ are to be accepted by any culture. There is a danger that the truth can be accommodated to the culture to the extent that it becomes compromised instead. For example, those cultures that are predisposed to idolatry, such as in Asia and the Far East, can accept Christian teachings to the extent that it becomes acculturated and never truly effectual in turning people back to the one true God. Thankfully, there is a work of revival ongoing in this land where many are turning from idolatry, but often this is so ingrained that the effect is that the God of Christianity becomes just another addition to the plethora of deities that is worshipped, and this is sadly wrong.

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