Senin, 10 Januari 2011

99% work hard 1% Inspiration

I think, someone can be a great people not because he was born to be a great someone but with the struggle hard and work very hard. Enstein said that to be a great people who had succeed are need 99% work hard and just 1% inspiration to through their problem.

We need resolve to be anything we want to be. We had our dream, so we must fight to reach our dream come true. We had dream to reach our goals, so we must increase our ability to reach our dream but not to decrease our dream because we think that we can’t reach it.

Don’t ever be afraid to try everything we want to do to reach our dream come true. We must have integrity to reach our goals. Keep fighting and trying, don’t ever decide to stop when we stuck in an obstacle. Try seeking another change and new method to finish our problem and try very hard to reach our goals.

That’s everything I found from the movie “Men of Honor”. That’s very great movie, you must see. I think the movie make me realize that someone can be anything they want to whatever their situation in their life. Anybody can reach their goals and reach their dream come true although their life getting hard. They can find a thousand exits when the world offers an obstacle.

As a result, what we see is what we get. So, if we believe we can reach our dream, that very belief will make us can. We need positive self-paradigms and thinking. Because it can bring out the best in us to reach anything we want to.

If we’re making mistake, try learning from our mistake and don’t do it anymore. Discipline our self and make us on time in everything. Always give our best and try to understand everything we have learned.
We must define our mission and goals in our life. Begin with the end in mind and never give up. We need do everything without desperate. We must fight although it is very difficult but we never give up. We must consistent with our will, whatever our obstacle, but never give up!

So start from now, we must work hard and consistent with our will to reach our goals. Believe that we can be or do anything we want to. God bless our work and may our dream come true.

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