Senin, 10 Januari 2011

How to Dance in the Rain

Firstly, you may be curious about this title. But I think its ok, because me too (hehehe, just kidding). This title always inspires my way of life then makes me stronger. But, I just want to try to relate this title with a part in seven habits book entitled Sharpen the Saw.
You know, perhaps the most of people always focused on their problem and can’t solve their problem because they think that it is so hard. They always think about their problem without realize that thinking always needs more energy and clear think to solve that. Instead they always listen to their negative think. Then the most discountenance answer is they hopeless with their life and thinks that they can’t do better. I never reach the better, do something important, or enjoy something good in happy life that I’ve seen enjoyed by others. How can I? Yeah, I’ve tried. I think this is my part of life. So, I shouldn’t think about it anymore. I’m different with other’s life that full of glimpse from heaven. This is my part and I feel complacently.
For me, this checkmate conclusion. With my little experience, I think we need to bigger our perspective. Our wrong method of thinking can prevent God give us the best things. Try to look our self a winner, that’s the key of success. We need to think positively because our life will follow our mind and expectations. We need to try thinking higher than feel enough with this life. The Bible said that ‘set your minds on things above...’.[1] In other word, we need to upgrade our expectation. We serve God almighty and HIS dream for us more bigger and better than what we can imagine.
Just like Jesus said, ‘according to your faith will it be done to you’.[2] In other word, have your faith whatever you want to. Yes you are right that bigger or better life can’t happen as soon as we want, but than be bent down with negative expectation, we should to keep our mind directed to God. Just try not to bounding God. Because your wrong method of thinking are just like Bible said some ‘strongholds’[3]. We need to destroy them!
From seven habits we need to try to refresh our brain if we want to solve our problem. By sharpen the saw, we can look behind the problem, think different about the conclusion then look forward. When I heard about this habit, I attracted. From this I’ve learned that it was right. We need to refresh our method of thinking if we want to be able to recoverable by God. We need to stop our machine first to refill our oil or fuel. We need to give some place for fun or to share with other about our problem then we can try to solve it again with another ways of method and thinking. Maybe it can be frightened storms after us. But, I already know that life is not only how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain. God speed.

[1] Colossians 3:2
[2] Matthew 9:29
[3] 2 Corinthians 10:4

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