Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Active Not Passive

After class last week, I had new perception about listening. Listen is important thing to do when we want to understand others. Listen need eyes, heart, and ears to be genuine listen, other  else we must try to stand in another shoes that people has stood there.

Sometimes when we try to listen another, we always busy with our conclusion to cope with another problem, we became wiseacare but the fact, we don’t really understand. But when I through remediation class last week, I can understand that to became genuine listen we don’t ever try to give conclusion or became conclusion maker. But became genuine listen is try to understand others problem with truly care and exactly listen to their story. That’s enough help. Because we often found that others just need to be listen.

The important thing to do is to listen, not to be listened. Understand not to be understood first. When we try to understand anybody, so we can be understood with others. Just make this life active action to have good relationship with others. Life is good when we try to became active (understand) first before passive (to be understood).

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