Senin, 10 Januari 2011

The Right Centered

Learning about paradigms and principle in class make me knew more about it. Paradigms are perception or point of view about something. We’ve any paradigms, the first paradigms about our self, paradigms about the other people, and about our life in general.

This is true; my paradigms affect me and influence the other people around me. So, what I see is what I get. I knew it because my lectures said that our paradigms probably incomplete, inaccurate, completely messed up and become negative self-paradigms that can put limitations on us.

First, I try to prove it. I look into the mirror and thinking. I’m thinking, what is it that occupies my thoughts? What paradigm or principle should I apply? Then I realize that I became work-centered, I didn’t care about my friend when I do my work. I thought that the important thing of my life is just studying very hard, so don’t ever to play with my friend except study. I was thinking that nobody can disturb me if I do it, although my family. If they ask me why I never play with them, so I lie with them that I’ve sick because I wouldn’t they know that I’m studying. It has not been unhealthy for myself because all I cared about was me and my achievement then make my friend didn’t care about me and my family feel that I didn’t care about them.

Then I’m thinking again, I must try to shape my paradigms into a good thing and drive my life-centered into the right way. Just like my lectures said that I should open my minds and hearts to new information, ideas, frame of my minds and be willing to change or improve my paradigms, it’s called “paradigms shift”. There is a center that actually works, it’s being principle-centered, the real thing. They apply equally to everyone. If I live by them I’ll excel, but if I break them I’ll fail, it’s that simple. Principles is The Right Centered, it’s something that our belief is right or good. Principles are: Love, Honesty, Persistence, Patient, Services, Integrity, Loyalty, Responsibility, Fairness, Moderation, Respect, Etc. and I did it, I prove it!

I started spend my time with my friends and talking with my family by phone but keep study hard. Be honest with them when I’ve important things to do to still take responsible with my achievement. I become a better person because of this lesson.

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