Senin, 10 Januari 2011

I Can Do That!

I had something, that is be proactive. Be proactive is different with be reactive. Their languages are affecting the other people around them or to their self. Proactive really means two things, first they take responsibility for their life, and second they have a can-do attitude. There is always other thing they can control and makes their life seem so bright.
From my experience, I try to be proactive. I try to do what the other can do, for example I control my emotions from anger and give them peace sign back if they flip me off in soccer each Saturday morning. Use proactive language such as, I can do that! It makes me better; they always smile with me when I try to force my emotions when they become crude with me. People around me maybe feel out of the ordinary with my new better attitude, but now they’re seems to be ordinary with me and it makes me better at all. Now I know that it pay to be proactive.
I try to handle my problem with responsibility for my choices and find a way to make way out to solve it. I renew myself to not make the problems with think before act. I always try to standing apart from myself and evaluating and measuring my actions. But now I still can’t focus on things I can do something about and not to worry about things I can’t do. I’m trying harder to make it happens.
I’m imagining visions of grandeur. It allows me to escape my present circumstances and create new possibilities. It gives me a chance to visualize my futures and dream up what we would like to become. I try to listen to my inner voice to know right from wrong then I can apply it when it is right. I try to change what I can change; I always think that there is always possibility in my life. I think, all of choice is mine. So whatever the problem of my life, whatever they do to me that can be hurt me or make my life hard, there is always choice to handle it with my own. So I stay to tell, I can do that!

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