Senin, 10 Januari 2011

My Personal Bank Account

In my experience, I did not care about my action, behavior, or thinking in my mind. If that is good or being bad. After remediation class a few days later I had something new. There is Personal Bank Account or we usually call it PBA, in my life.

Now, I understand that I can make deposits into and take withdrawals from my PBA. Deposit is when we do good action, behavior, and thinking or don’t do something bad whereas withdrawal is do everything we want to do without thinking the risk to our life. I was thinking if I make deposits more than withdrawals? Then I realized that my attitude not enough good to me and people around me. I take withdrawals more than deposits. Sometimes I break my own promises or be dishonest to cover my fault over and over again. Even I know that attitudes are bad for me but I fall in again. It takes a long time to get out from my fault I think. But I believe I can shift from my fault into the good one as soon as possible. I proved that!
First, I just start by making little money of good things or deposits into my life. I try to renew my life. Then I try to be honest with myself, even I know that become honest never make me happy anyway. But, I’m still trying until now. I make commitment to keep my promise. I try to understand the other people than hope they can understand me first.
I remember sitting in a Transjogja bus one day, going home with two my friends Boydo and Daniel Talenta. I found there is a couple white Russian sitting in front of me and asking the doormen in the bus how to going to the zoo with English.

“Zoo sir, zoo...”. Russian said.
And then the doormen in the bus confused what the hell he told to me. Then the doormen in the bus try to understand what the Russian said to him.
“Borobudur, Prambanan, Parangtritis, Kraton, Merapi, Benteng?” doormen in the bus asked.
Hear that, Russian consider insignificant the doormen in the bus. Then I try to ensuring the Russian if they want to go to the zoo.
“Do you want to go to the zoo, Sir?”
“Yes, please” he nodding to me.
Mereka mau ke kebun binatang Pak.” I try to make doormen in the bus understand what Russian said to him with Indonesian.
Satu shelter lagi, mas” he answers me with Indonesian.
“One more halt, Sir!” I said to the Russian.
“Thank you...” he said.
“You’re welcome, Sir!”
“Have a nice vacation...”

Then the doormen in the bus thanked me. I proud with myself, I had deposit. Cha-ching. On the morrow of the event, I feel more supported. I still try to deposits the good things to do. And I hope I will then be rich with deposits in my Personal Bank Account, I wish!

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  1. Happy saving in your Personal Bank Account! :D