Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Begin With the End in Mind

Dear mom,
I don’t know what the things I need to write to you. Maybe you can just read my love letter that shows you the discovery about me. I’m special person (I think...), I just never let everybody know about me, except my special person hereunder. I cover my special characteristic inside me and ready to go out when I need it. Hmm... Maybe I need to subscribe myself into CIA or something so I can be agent or something like that. But it’s not my purpose to become. I write this love letter to you because I think it is an honor to let you know about me. You are special for me too. So I decide to let you know about the discovery of myself, here we go...
I want you to know, the time when I were deeply inspired is when I feel calm anywhere anytime or when I hear classical music in front my notebook. So, sometime I think of something that represents me. I think deeply and I found an animal can represents me, the bird... Rajawali bird, I believe I can fly! Hehe! Then I think about other thing. If I could spend my time with person who ever lived just like the book said, who would that be? The answer is Jesus Christ, because He knows everything. I want to ask Him which way to go to His willing inside of me. Could I?
The person who made a positive difference in my life is Jesus Christ, my parent. They have a lot of qualities that I would like to develop such as honesty, integrity, friendly, humble, lovely and care about me. I just imagine myself 20 years from now. I want to become priest and lecture of Hermeneutics Old or New Testament, or I wish both of them I can gain control. I want my family and of course my own little family with my wife surrounds me. I want to go around the world to announcing bible. But I realize that’s all started from me and my little family. If there is challenge in front of me to cross that could make me dying, I will cross it for my Lord Jesus, to make my family happy and reach my dream come true. 

With love,

August Corneles Tamawiwy

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