Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Dumping From Wrong To Right Way of Thinking

For long time ago, I doctrined by the wrong way of thinking. I always thougt that I must compite others to be the first. My family too, they always teached me to lose others so I can be a winner in everythings I do, instead my education’s life at school from kindergarden until senior high school. But until I pass this class, I realize that I was dumping to wrong way of thinking. Think win-lose is not the answer to reach my dream. I know that I need somebody to walking with me in this life. Life is hard but when I’m walking this life with others and win together, I know I can make it happen beautifuly. I always try to find win-win solution with others. I try to one simple thing to do, teamwork.
When I try to work with others, I can simply understand much more than I do with my own. I can repeat the things that I’ve studied already but at the same time my friend can get more information from me. I’m not just always be the first at all, but be the one who wants to share blessing to another person. Now, I’m happy more than before. I prefer do something together with others than for my own. I know, now I must to keep this right habit and be better. I realize that I’m dumping from wrong to right way of thinking. Give thanks.

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